Ring Doorbell setup

Ring Doorbell Setup: Easy and Complete Guide

Ring Doorbell is one of the best video doorbell devices available in the market. Ring Doorbell setup with WIFI and its installation is as easy as drinking a cup of tea. Its best-in-class Ring Doorbell app allows users to monitor their front door from anywhere in the world.

This article will cover how to set up a Ring Doorbell with your existing WIFI router. If you want to know how to install after the WIFI setup you can check this article for further reference.

As we have already discussed that setting up this Doorbell is easy however people still make mistakes with the setup process. We request you to follow along with the setup process in this article. Please prepare everything you would need for the setup.

Preparation before the Setup Process

Before you start with the setup process of your Ring Doorbell we request you to follow the steps given below. These steps will help you to prepare for the setup process. Anything that you would need for the setup is mentioned in the list below.

  • Make sure the battery of your Ring Doorbell is charged.
  • Check if your existing wireless router has an active internet connection.
  • Please get the right SSID (WIFI Network Name) and password for the WIFI.
  • Download the Ring WIFI app on your smartphone.
  • If you already have an account with Ring, make sure you have the right login credentials of the Ring Account. If you do not have an account with the Ring, you can make one during the setup process.

We hope that you have gathered all the information mentioned on the list above. If you are getting any issues to gather this information, please contact your Internet service provider or your network administrator.

Ring Doorbell setup with the your existing Wireless router

If just purchased a Ring doorbell then you can directly go for the setup process. However, if you were previously using this doorbell, you should perform a factory reset on your doorbell. Follow the instructions given below for the setup process of your Ring doorbell.

  • Setup a Device: Once you are successfully logged into the Ring Doorbell app, select set up device option. After choosing this option you will get a list of all the Ring devices. Choose you device to continue the setup process.
  • Name and Location: On this screen you would need to choose a name for your Ring Doorbell. This feature helps if you have more than one doorbells. After choosing the name for your doorbell make sure to confirm your location as well.
  • Setup Mode: After completing initial steps, it is time to put your Ring doorbell in the setup mode. Press the orange button at the back panel of your doorbell. Once you have pushed this orange button you should have a spinning white light on your doorbell. Press continue if you see the spinning white light on your Ring Doorbell.
  • Connect to Ring WIFI: When you put your doorbell into setup mode it starts to broadcast its own WIFI signal. You need to connect your smartphone to the Ring WIFI. Some smartphones automatically connects to the Ring however for most smartphones you would need to leave the Ring app and connect it manually.
  • Scanning WIFI: So once you’ve your smartphone connected to the Ring WIFI, the Ring app will automatically start searching for your WIFI.
Scanning WIFI
  • Connect To WIFI: Once the scanning is done Ring app will show all the available WIFI networks in your area. On this screen choose your WIFI and then type your WIFI password for it.
  • Setup is Done: Check the light status of your Ring Doorbell, it should be blinking blue. If the light flashes for four times that means your doorbell is now setup.

Your Ring Doorbell is now connected to your router. However, if your doorbell did not connect to the router, you can try unplugging your Ring doorbell for 10 minutes and go through the setup process again. After the WIFI setup, you would need to install it in your front door.

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